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Introducing the updated Looker Play Kit: The perfect complement to The Play Gym

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After play studies, weeks of in-home testing, and thousands of customer surveys, we are excited to announce updates—including the new Sensory Links— to The Looker Play Kit for weeks 0–12. We specifically designed this Play Kit to support the newborn stage and also complement The Play Gym for months of learning as your baby grows.

We are happy to provide our Play Kits Subscribers who have received The Looker within the last 8 months access to purchase the Sensory Links via The Subscriber Shop. Please check your email for additional information.

As always, The Play Kits are designed in house with a team of child development experts, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

In photo: Sensory Links from The Looker Play Kit and The Play Gym

Versatile visual stimulation with high-contrast patterns

Vision is the least stimulated sense in the womb. The Sensory Links feature high-contrast patterns to capture your baby’s interest and help them learn to focus their eyes. Interchangeable and convertible, the Links can be hung either from The Play Gym or a stroller. They also include textures and sounds to stimulate your baby’s other senses as they grow.

Features & Ways to Play:

  • Versatile design that grows with your baby past the newborn stage
  • Three individual toys that can be switched into different combinations
  • High-contrast pattern for early visual stimulation as well as bright colors as your baby’s vision develops
  • Compatible with The Play Gym for grasping, batting, and kicking
  • Compatible with a stroller for sensory stimulation on-the-go
  • Baby-safe connection hooks attached
  • Three separate travel toys when separated
  • One link is crinkly with crinkle tabs for exposure to new textures
  • One link features a quiet squeak noise for exploration of new sounds with ribbons on the edge for oral motor development
  • One link rattles and features a handle for early gripping and grasping
  • Easy velcro straps included for hanging
  • Made with organic cotton, and baby-safe plastics and poly

The Play Gym + The Looker Play Kit

Slide the arrows for a side-by-side comparison of our old (left) and new (right) Looker Play Kits

Sensitive to light and sound, your newborn is already becoming aware of their new world at 0–12 weeks. The Looker Play Kit helps them build new brain connections with high-contrast images and new sensory experiences. The Play Gym supports each stage of learning during your baby’s first year. Together, The Looker and The Play Gym provide the perfect foundation for your baby’s learning and development.

Here are some ways to use The Looker Play Kit and The Play Gym for deeper play throughout your baby’s first year.

  • Sensory Links: The perfect Play Gym and stroller accessory: switch, hang, and separate the links for new sensory exploration.
  • Simple and Complex Black & White Card Set: Babies are riveted by high-contrast images in the early months. The Looker includes different images than The Play Gym, so keep your baby engaged with something new.
  • Standing Card Holder: Make tummy time more fun wherever you are, including on The Play Gym. Folds for easy storage.
  • Wooden Book: Baby’s first book made with sustainably harvested wood. Enjoy cozy storytime on the Play Mat of The Play Gym.
  • Silicone Rattle with Removable Ball: Perfect for grasping—and learning how to track moving objects and sounds. Hang the rattle from the gym for something new to bat, kick, and grasp.
  • Black & White Mittens: To promote hand discovery, hand control, and body awareness (new, improved fit). Put them on your baby while they’re on the Play Mat for comfy learning time.
  • The Mobile: A two-sided mobile to provide months of visual exploration and focus at diaper time. (Not recommended for hanging directly from The Play Gym frame, but you can hang it above the Gym).


We are happy to provide our Play Kits Subscribers who have received The Looker within the last 8 months access to purchase the Sensory Links via The Subscriber Shop. Please check your email for additional information.

What happened to the Travel Card Holder?

After hearing customer feedback that the Travel Card Holder was too similar to the Standing Card Holder, we replaced it with the more versatile Sensory Links. The Travel Card Holder is available for purchase in The Subscriber Shop.

Why do you update your products?

Our product update philosophy helps us deliver on our core value: “driven to innovate.” 

We are continually listening and learning. While each new product is the result of more than 30 touchpoints, we learn the most from you—and the hundreds of thousands of families who bring Lovevery products into their homes.

Our work is never done. We are proud of our products but honored to be a part of your family’s life during the early years. Learning starts at home—thank you for welcoming us into yours.

What is your process for updating The Play Kits?

Customer feedback is central to our product and Play Kit updates. Both quantitative and qualitative data—and consultation from our team of experts—inform our design process.

Listen: We collect extensive customer feedback from in-home play studies, phone and email surveys, and our Customer Experience Team.

Ask: What worked? What didn’t? How can we better serve your family? 

Obsess: One product is the result of at least 30 touchpoints, not including surveys (conversations about intent, in-home testing, development experts, prototyping, etc.).

Refine: Our in-house product team—with consultation from our team of experts—makes sure the product is engaging, revisited by the child, builds the intended skill, and provides both play and developmental value.

Validate: We broaden and narrow our scope continually—and test products back in homes—until we’ve perfected each product to be exactly what the child needs at each stage.

Test: Every new product undergoes a series of testing to ensure it meets or exceeds global safety and quality standards.

I would love to provide feedback. How can I help be a part of this process?

We are developing a customer panel and would love to have you join us. We will be reaching out to subscribers in the coming weeks over email and social media.

Are you going to continue to update The Play Kits?

We are constantly working to improve our products, which may result in periodic Play Kit updates. We are listening to you and grateful for your feedback on product surveys. 

While these Play Kit updates occasionally include exciting new products, we also make minor improvements to Playthings to provide an even better play experience. For example, we occasionally update images, improve materials for sensory play, and make minor dimension adjustments so our Playthings are perfect for your child. 

We announce these improvements on our social media: Follow us @lovevery.

Is The Subscriber Shop here to stay?

Yes—we are so excited to offer this special option as a benefit to our subscribers moving forward. After each of your Play Kits ship, you will have exclusive access to the Lovevery Playthings and books you can’t find anywhere else ❤️

Can I buy multiples of an item in the Subscriber Shop? I wanted to have an extra copy of a book for grandma’s house.

We’re so happy you’re excited about the products, and you are welcome to order one of each item—each item is limited to one per customer. This policy helps make sure as many Lovevery Play Kit subscribers have access to the Playthings and books in The Subscriber Shop as possible.

Can I return to the same Subscriber Shop once I’ve ordered something?

You can visit the Shop as many times as you like, but can only place an order once—you will no longer have access to The Subscriber Shop after you’ve placed your order. You can choose from products specifically from your most recent Play Kit. Once your next one-year-old Play Kit ships, you will have access to the Subscriber Shop again to order Playthings specific to that Kit. If you didn’t order everything you wanted from The Subscriber Shop, please contact our Customer Experience Team here.

When will my Subscriber Shop items ship? What are the shipping costs?

Ship dates for specific items vary based on inventory. In the case an item goes on backorder, the ship dates are indicated on the product page. Regardless of when your items ship, your card will be charged at checkout.

All Lovevery orders, including from The Subscriber Shop, ship at a flat rate of $5.95 for orders under $75, and we offer free shipping for orders $75 and over.


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