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Tracking sights and sounds

Baby laying on its side looking at high contrast Black and White cards by Lovevery

Here are some newborn play ideas for tracking sights and sounds:

Tracking Sights

In photo: Silicone Rattle with Removable Ball from The Looker Play Kit

Slowly move a High-Contrast Card back and forth horizontally about 12 inches in front of your baby’s face and see if their eyes track the moving image. This may be a challenge for them. You can also shake and slowly move the high-contrast rattle in their field of vision from side to side. Your baby’s eyes may cross because they’re still building muscle strength.

Tracking Sounds

In photo: Black & White Mittens from The Looker Play Kit

By week 4, your baby may show more interest in sounds. Help support that interest by exposing them to sounds from real life. Try to introduce just one sound at a time. When your baby is alert and the room is quiet, you can tear or crumple up paper, pour pasta into a pan, tap a spoon against a bowl, or make other everyday noises. Talk about what you are doing and see if they look toward the source of the sounds.

Baby sitting in front of a woman watching her rip a piece of paper


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