5 - 6 Months

Week 25: It’s magic!

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Babies love pulling facial tissues out of a box, one by one. The problem is, they also love putting the tissues in their mouth 🙃 Mouthing is one of the primary ways your baby learns about the world around them; it’s their first form of play. That’s why we created our Magic Tissue Box with organic cotton tissues that are safe to mouth.

At 5 months old, your baby probably isn’t ready to pull the tissues out and push them back into the Magic Tissue Box from The Senser Play Kit on their own, but they’ll love watching you do it. This gives them an early lesson in containment, the concept of one thing being able to fit inside of something else. Right now, your baby learns about the world by mouthing, observing, and experimenting with the objects around them. The real magic in this plaything is in how many ways your baby can play with it, both now and as they grow ❤️

Here are 4 ways to play with the Magic Tissue Box:

Tactile exploration

Your baby gains feedback about the world through touch receptors in their fingertips. Place the colorful tissues in a basket or on a tray on the floor in front of them for free exploration during tummy time or in a supported sitting position.

Grasping and reaching

In tummy time, if your baby is grasping, place the box on its side and encourage your baby to try to pull the tissues out. As they develop this skill, you can add a challenge by moving the tissue box away. This encourages your baby to stretch, reach, and push off, exercising the muscles in their neck, shoulders and back.

Object permanence

Use the tissues to partially hide other playthings, like the Organic Cotton Rainbow Ball from The Play Kits. Does your baby try to find it? This is an early lesson in object permanence, or the idea that even if something disappears for a while, it still exists. You can help your baby understand this concept by narrating as you play: “where is the ball? Do you see it anywhere? Oh! There it is—it’s under the tissue!”


You can take this lesson further with a game of peek-a-boo. Cover your face with one of the Magic Tissues and after a moment, peek out from behind it. “Where did Mama go? Here I am!”

Your baby is learning that you are still there even when you are out of sight, a lesson that may come in handy when separation anxiety kicks in ❤️


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