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Head control: your baby’s first big motor skill

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During the first year, physical development tends to progress from the top of your baby’s body down to their lower body. This means motor skills begin with their head and neck.

Once they have head control, most babies are ready to work on more advanced skills involving their core and lower body, like rolling, sitting, standing, and walking. 

When do babies develop head control?

During the first 2 months, most babies begin to hold their head centered, so it doesn’t flop from side to side, while lying on their back. They may start to lift their head more during tummy time and hold it steady without support for longer periods.

Eventually, they’ll begin to use their head to initiate a back-to-belly roll. By 6 months, most babies can hold their head steady in a supported seated position. 

How to encourage head control

The best way to help your baby develop head control is by placing them in a variety of different positions and by holding them vertically or ‘wearing’ them in a front carrier or wrap. Here are some tips:  

When your baby is on their back

Lay your baby on their back in The Play Gym. To encourage head turning, offer them a variety of objects to look at on each side and attach a Black & White Card to the Wooden Frame above them. 

When your baby is on their side

Place a rolled-up blanket behind your baby to support their back. Sit with your head above them and talk or sing to encourage them to turn their head toward you. Repeat with your baby facing the opposite direction. 

When your baby is on their tummy

Place your baby on your chest for tummy time. Speak or sing to encourage them to lift their head to see you ❤️

When your baby is in a vertical position

Hold your baby upright in your arms and give their head just enough support so they can practice controlling it on their own. Their head may bobble a bit at first but will get more steady with time. 


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