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5 fun newborn play ideas for tracking sounds

Baby laying on their back looking up at a rattle by Lovevery

In week 4, your baby will start to show more interest in a variety of sounds and patterns. Help her build more lasting neural networks by exposing her to sounds from real life, rather than the pre-recorded sounds from electronic toys. Experiment with high pitched, low pitched, slow paced, lively, jagged, soft, and other sounds, trying to introduce just one sound at a time.

When your baby is alert and the room is quiet, create these sounds in her field of vision. These everyday noises are routine for you, but they’re brand new to your baby. Try to involve her as much as possible, talking about what you’re doing and what she’s seeing, even though she won’t understand what you’re saying quite yet.

Some sound-exploring ideas to get started:

  • Hold the black and white silicone rattle in front of your baby’s view. Slowly move the rattle from side to side to help her practice following with her head and eyes. Her eyes may cross, as they are still building muscle strength.
  • Tear or crumple up paper in front of your baby.
  • Pour pasta into a pan, tap a spoon against a bowl, or make other common cooking noises.
  • Turn a door knob, ring a doorbell, and open or close the blinds or windows.
  • Play and dance along to music with your newest (and cutest) dance partner.

As with other forms of stimulation, be sensitive to your baby’s reactions. If she’s unhappy, take a break.


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